About Precision Industries

Precision Industries is a 100% Newfoundland and Labrador owned company with a full size plant specializing in the design and manufacture of solid hardwood staircases.
We are known for high quality stairing in all shapes and sizes.
Formed in 1996 and incorporated in 2000, we have decades of experience and knowledge to ensure the best quality and value for our customers.

If someone says it can't be done then talk to us!

Why choose Precision Industries?

  • Our stairs are 100% hardwood, no plywood, particle board or MDF.
  • Quality woods and premium finishes are utilized and hand sanded between coats for a velvet touch.
  • A full size, state of the art shop to produce components with accuracy.
  • Traditional construction passed down from grandfather to father and now son. We build stairs like they used to.
  • Components are prefinished as much as possible. We cut and fit to your home for the best overall fit and finish.
  • We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your home.
  • No one gives you better quality and value for your money.
  • We are a custom shop with custom solutions.
  • 100% Newfoundland and Labrador owned and operated.
  • We are stair builders.
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