Gallery 1 is two curved staircases with bowed front walnut treads and 3 inch walnut rails, 6 inch walnut Precision Posts, painted Precision balusters and painted bowed front risers.
It also shows 3 custom archways, a wrap around fluted walnut column, and a walnut inlay surrounding the stairs and arches.
Gallery 2 is a 3 tier curved staircase.
Gallery 3 is birch open freestanding curved staircase.
Gallery 4 is a solid oak uni-stringer design with 3 inch treads, oak round rail and fluted chamfered top posts.Gallery 5 contains various pictures which were too few to warrant their own gallery.* NEW *   Gallery 6 is our new dovetail style uni-stringer design.
The treads, posts, rail and stringers are all walnut.
The posts are plain solid 6 inch square posts, the rail style is keyhole with a glass balustrade
* NEW *   Gallery 7 is an open design with clear coated maple treads, stained maple stringers, round rail and chamfered top posts, with painted pencil top balusters.
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